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What is our champagne about?

What's in a glass, what's in a bubble:

The elements of earth & people to craft the effervescence of celebration.

This pathway to emotion starts in the region of Champagne from the quality of the soil to the craftsmanship of Champagne makers to bring to you a unique freshness. Add a dash of moondust and stars and the bubbles will fly.
Light up the runway, your celebration is about to start.

Who We Are

The idea started at 30,000 feet under a starry night on the way to Vegas.

Lights, Sin City, Champagne: Easy! Not quite so!

Bringing you thin tasty bubbles didn't come easy. To top it off we wanted a 'celestial' bottle for you to celebrate appropriately ... Wild nights, pool parties, and an occasional romantic dinner.

Much longer story to tell but in short: Headed back to France, talk to buddies in Champagne, make deal, partner with other buddy to design your Luminous experience and way more ahead of us to be written as we're getting started.

The name's on the wall and we're learning the craft, more to come: